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Oil Treatments​

 Add cleaner to oil before changing . After changing oil and oil filter install conditioner to oil to restore horsepower,  lube seals, restore piston rings. Cleans out oil galleys which is critical  for VVT engines.

Power Steering Flush

Utilizing BG Services Equipment and Chemicals helps prolong power steering system, preserving seals and hoses, pump and steering gear and rack and pinion.

Transmission Flush

Utilizing BG Services Equipment and Chemicals, add cleaner test drive,hook up to transmission flusher to flush out old fluid while installing new fluid and add conditioner. Improves shifting cleans valve body, conditions seals.


Car Sick? We Got ​A Fix!


We have several special services available for our customers.

Fuel/Air Induction Service

​Utilizing BG Services Equipment and Chemicals. Hook up Air Induction machine with cleaner into air induction system, cleans inside of intake manifold, throttle plates,fuel injectors,valves and top of pistons.

We offer Motor Age Vehicle Protection Plan, they have 7 different  Plans .You can call us at 606-633-0200 or  call Motor Age at 1-866-225-7034 and give them Repair Facility #P2568.